[Wife of White Tiger and Blue Dragon]

[Wife of White Tiger and Blue Dragon]

Why do some women grow without pubic hair and underarm hair? One of the reasons is that women’s androgen levels rise in women; the other reason is that there are no such receptors in the genitals and underarm hair.

When pubic hair and arm hair are scarce or absent, it is called oligochadrosis, which accounts for about 2% of the population.


Most women with hirsutism have normal endocrine, menstrual cycle, character development, sexual function and growth ability. Therefore, hirsutism is physiological and will not affect their health and a happy marriage life.Not to mention believing the rumors spread by the feudal superstition, I hope that in the future there will no longer be a family disintegration, or even a tragedy.

We all know that pubic hair is the same as perspiration and beard. There is a great individual difference between the presence and absence of pubic hair, and the occurrence of pubic hair is replaced by sex hormones.

The average woman is at 11?
12 years old, man at 14?
At 15 years of age, the ovaries and testicles continue to mature and begin to secrete sex hormones to stimulate pubic hair receptors and begin to grow pubic hair.

When the pubic hair growth receptor is not sound, the pubic hair is thin and soft.

When growth receptors are absent, hairlessness is present.

Most women’s hairlessness is physiological, and there are no important symptoms in the body, nor does it impede physical health and reproductive ability, let alone the existence of white tigers and blue dragons.