[Thai Style Seafood Hot Pot Practice]_Thai Style_How to Make

[Thai Style Seafood Hot Pot Practice]_Thai Style_How to Make

Thai seafood hot pot is also a kind of hot pot. The main ingredients are some seafood, and some vegetables are also prepared. The more common ones are tomatoes, broccoli, etc. In addition, a more suitable bottom of the pot, such as can be prepared for winter.In general, the hot pot is mainly used to choose some of the ingredients that you like to eat, and some other condiments must be fully prepared so that the hot pot will be more delicious.

Thai seafood hot pot practice materials: how many seafood you want to eat, how much you want to eat, various vegetables (tomatoes, corn, broccoli), what to buy, Tom Yum Goong sauce (soup base) 60 / gram thick soup treasure (soup base)) 2 / box, Tom Yum Kung Spice Bag (Soup Base) 1 / bag, coconut milk, coconut flour or milk (soup base), green lemon (soup base) 2 / pcs, coriander (dipping), green pepper (Dipping) the right amount, the right amount of red pepper (dipping), the right amount of garlic (dipping), the right amount of cooking oil, the right amount of water, Thai Tom Yum Kung Seafood Hot Pot Practice 1, put in the brain flower, duck intestines and other smellyimportant.

2. Wash all kinds of seafood and vegetables.

3. Prepare the spice packs. 4. Put the cold oil into the pan, add 60g tom yum kung sauce, and stir fry over low heat until the oil is red.

5. Add spice packs and dried peppers and continue to fry 3?
4 minutes.

6, add 1600 ml of water, two boxes of thick soup, coconut milk (coconut flour or pure milk), lime juice 7, boil over high heat, and continue to cook for 30 hours
60 minutes.

8. The seafood and vegetables are placed during the soup base. It is a plate. 9. Various materials are always ready to contribute to the life of Dongyin Gong.

10. You can use a juicer to directly make the sauce. The green sauce is Thai sauce: green pepper + parsley + some kind of water red is garlic sauce: red pepper + garlic puree + added water 11. Without a juicer and similar toolsOnly after holding the dish DuangDuangDuang 12, when the soup base is basically cooked, add some shrimp and tomatoes, corn, broccoli and cook together.

13, when the first pot of ingredients is mature, you can transfer to the induction cooker and prepare to start it!

Tip 1, the following can be freely selected according to personal needs: fish sauce and shrimp paste can increase the umami taste and concentration; you can also add more Tom Yum Goong sauce to make the soup thicker; those who like a little spicy can add millet spicy;You can add an appropriate amount of sugar or coconut flour; brick movers with a slightly heavier taste can also add salt; 2. Tom Yum Goong Sauce and Spice Buns are available from a certain treasure, and they are well matched.