[Does loofah kill sperm]_Semen_Impact

[Does loofah kill sperm]_Semen_Impact

Loofah is a relatively common food in life, and many women like to eat it, mainly because it has the effect of beauty and beauty.

Everyone knows that male friends are very concerned about their sexual function, and some foods are detrimental to male sexual function, so men are taboo.

Some people say that loofah kills sperm, which is not good for men. So is there any basis for this statement, so we will describe for everyone whether the loofah kills sperm.

Does loofah kill sperm? Loofah generally does not kill sperm, but loofah has a certain substitute for men. Besides loofah and cashew, it has spermicidal effect. Experts suggest that men still eat aphrodisiac-leek.

What a man eats aphrodisiac 1. Litchi: sweet, warm, and nourishing qi and blood, adding essence and vitality, promoting vitality and stomach, and enriching skin.

2. Onion: It has multiple functions such as anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, diuretic and antidiarrheal, lowering blood sugar, lowering blood fat, lowering cholesterol, lowering blood pressure and so on.

3, honey: contains gonad endocrine, has obvious biological activity of active gonads.

4, Chinese wolfberry: sweetness, flatness, enter the liver, kidney, lung meridian, nourishing liver and kidney, Yiming eyesight, and blood moistening, Ze Fu Yue Yan, Pei Yuan Wu Fa and other effects, is to improve sexual functionGood medicine.

5, eggs: can strengthen the vitality, eliminate fatigue after intercourse, can be converted into arginine, improve male sperm quality, enhance sperm vitality.

6, spinach: increase the amount of oxygen carried in the blood, accelerate blood circulation, can fundamentally improve the quality of male sexual life.

What men eat sperm supplements 1, high-quality protein and arginine foods: High-quality protein is the main raw material for forming semen.

Foods high in protein include lean meat, pig spinal cord, dog meat, beef and mutton, chicken and duck, eggs, fish and shrimp, soy products, etc. Arginine is an essential component to produce sperm, and oligospermia can occur when it is lacking.

Foods containing arginine include catfish, black fish, sea cucumber, hoof tendons, soy products, lean meat, etc.

2. Supplement various vitamins: Vitamins can provide raw materials for sperm, promote sperm production, and keep the sex organs from being damaged.

Among them, vitamin E is the most closely related to the reproductive system, and it has various functions of preventing the aging of the sexual organs, regenerating the empty vas deferens, and enhancing the vitality of sperm.

Vitamin E-containing foods are mostly destroyed during processing, so they can be taken as preparations, such as vitamin E capsules.

Other vitamins are among the popular vegetables.

3, increase the absorption of various minerals, especially trace elements: human retina pills, prostate, semen itself contains high concentrations of zinc, the lack of long-term accumulation of zinc will cause sperm scarcity and plasma pills atrophy.

Shellfish are the main high-zinc foods. For example, oysters contain the most zinc, so you can eat more.

4. Appropriately increase some foods supplemented with sex hormones: such as sheep kidney, pig kidney, dog nose pills, bullwhip, chicken liver absorption, can promote spermatogonia cell division and maturation, has great potential for spermatogenesis.

The nutritional value of loofah 1, loofah contains protein, trace, glucose, calcium, phosphorus, iron and vitamin B1, vitamin C, and saponin, plant mucus, xylose gum, loofah bitterness, citrulline and other nutrients.

Contains 1 protein per 100 grams.


5 grams, aunt 0.

1 gram, cobalt 4.



5 grams, crude fiber 0.


5 grams, 0 ash.

5 grams, calcium 18?
28 mg, phosphorus 39?
45 mg, riboflavin 0.


06 mg, niacin 0.

5 mg, ascorbic acid 5?
8 mg.

2. The content of vitamin C in loofah is high. In addition to whitening the skin, eliminating plaque and whitening the skin, it can also be used for ascorbic disease and to prevent various vitamin C deficiency. Women who eat more watermelons are also not menstrualTune helps.

3. Vitamin B in loofah can effectively prevent skin aging and also benefit children’s brain development and middle-aged and elderly brain health.

4. The extract of loofah has excellent preventive effect on Japanese encephalitis virus. The tissue culture fluid of loofah also contains a substance that can resist allergic effects, arginine alkyd.

5. Loofah is sweet and cool. Its unique interferon inducer can stimulate the body to produce interferon, transform antiviral, and prevent cancer.
The contained saponins have a certain cardiotonic effect.

In addition, the bitter taste, mucus, citrulline, and xylan contained in loofah have certain health effects on the human body. Its vitamins are of high value, and have heat-reducing phlegm, cooling blood, detoxifying, relieving heat, removing trouble, and passing menstruationActive, Qufeng effect.