How to see a doctor correctly

How to see a doctor correctly

Don’t listen to the doctors’ advertisements. Some patients are sick, blindly listening to the advertisements of medical doctors. The result is that they don’t say anything, but the disease is not even better or even healed, causing great economic losses and pain to the patients.

So what should we do?

First of all, you should go to the hospital of the distance, where the doctors have strong sense of responsibility and high level of business and are trustworthy.

The first is to choose the right clinician. We can learn about the doctor’s information from the hospital’s propaganda column, and understand the different doctor’s field and business expertise. It can also be recommended by other patients, but it must be decided first.That doctor is the most suitable for him. Finding the right doctor is a good habit in some sense. Some rivers and lakes have changed their face, made a few fake certificates, and made a few false heads to cover the cover.The radio newspaper boasted, even saying that modern medicine has no way to cure the disease, he can cure.

The cure of the law is that the two ears do not smell the window, single-mindedly eat his medicine, have been eating, eat the family, and eat the patient himself said that can not afford to eat, do not eat.

They also said, don’t blame me for not curing your illness, it is your own bad cooperation.

The author is engaged in the field of nephropathy. In the clinic, I often hear a lot of chronic kidney failure patients complaining: seeing that they are so utterly sloppy, we have to try to kill the horse as a living horse doctor, and spent so much money, but the more the moreweight.

In fact, chronic kidney failure through drugs, diabetes, especially with traditional Chinese medicine treatment, can significantly improve the quality of life, greatly delay the arrival of uremia end-stage renal failure, with disease several times or even decades.

  To describe your condition clearly, completely and accurately. If you are looking for a doctor for the first time to diagnose a disease, he must ask your case in detail, what kind of examination, treatment experience, current discomfort, etc.
Therefore, patients should be aware of their own illnesses, be able to express them in full detail, and not be confused.

If it is a follow-up visit, then the doctor is most concerned about the improvement of symptoms. For example, if you take this medicine, what symptoms are relieved, what symptoms are aggravated, or what new symptoms are added, this is a very important reference for his adjustment of medication.
Some patients sit in front of the doctor and want to go to the doctor for a long time. They can’t grasp the key points; sometimes they answer questions and say something that is irrelevant to the disease; some patients wait until the doctor’s prescription is opened, and suddenly think of it again.A little bit or two, the result is a waste of time.

Therefore, when you are waiting for a doctor, you can think about your thoughts in your mind, think about what you want to say, and think about what you want to ask. If you are afraid of missing something, you can write it on paper.

In this way, you can achieve targeted and save time in consultation.

However, in the clinic, it is often possible to meet certain patients who always say “doctor, interrupt, please.”, and remind patients friends here that doctors prescribe, especially Chinese medicine prescriptions, are a high-mindedConcentrate, summarize all kinds of information and then prescribe the process of prescribing, the patient should not interrupt his thoughts at this time, so as not to affect the doctor’s comprehensive judgment of the condition and the grasp of prescription ingredients.

  Don’t interfere with the doctor’s treatment. I often hear some patients say: The doctor gives me more tonics; or the side effects of this medicine are too big, don’t use it, etc. In fact, you express your condition clearly, your taskI have completed more than half of the time, and the rest is to cooperate with the treatment and take the medicine according to the doctor’s advice.

Because most patients are not professionals and do not have specialized medical knowledge, your “good” advice may not be helpful for your illness, and sometimes it may be counterproductive!

And what is a good medicine?

At the end of the Qing Dynasty, a famous doctor, Zheng Qinan, said: “The sickness, aconite, rhubarb, and arsenic are all treasures.

Improper disease, participation, sputum, return, and land are all arsenic.”

The meaning of this sentence is very simple, everyone should be easy to understand, so as long as the testimony, once you can cure your disease is a good medicine, there is no absolute superior and inferior medicine.

  See a doctor to have one by one.

Some patients are sick, sighing and worrying all day long, as if the end of the world is coming; some patients are highly nervous, their condition is slightly repeated, or some indicators suddenly, fear of rapid heartbeat, high blood pressure, even walkingNot stable.

Recently, the author has received several female patients in the outpatient clinic. Since the lover was diagnosed with uremia, he was also worried about his urgency. He checked his urine routine and blood biochemistry for three days. Even the rice did not dare to eat more, and the water did not dare to drink more.I am afraid that I will increase the burden on my kidneys. Every day I think about it. Every month, I lose more than 20 kilograms. In fact, her examination is normal and there is no organic disease.

However, he was so hard to torture himself that he was weak and skinny.

In fact, if people eat whole grains, they can get sick, and there is nothing terrible when they get sick. As long as we are based on the idea of no disease prevention, disease and early treatment, relying on more and more developed medicine, I believe we will eventually win.Disease!

And when those are not sick, I think, “What if I get sick?”

“Get sick and think about it.” What if the disease is not cured?

People who are alive are not very tired, and are prone to disease.

Regular regular physical examination, early diagnosis and treatment of illness, timely review, treatment of treatment, have a good mental state, have a normal heart, is conducive to rehabilitation, is conducive to health and longevity.