Six feasible methods for diet and fattening

Six feasible methods for diet and fattening

1, looking for the reason for the right medicine to be genetically thin: if the family is too thin, the weight may be genetic, the natural metabolic rate is high, and even eat more fat.

  Environmental drive: work stress, noisy eating environment, food unsuitable taste, etc., may affect appetite, resulting in insufficient food intake.

  Excessive consumption: People who consume a lot of money may also be the cause of being thin.

  Each additional 3,500 calories in the body will weigh a pound.

For example, a man who eats 2,000 calories a day, if he wants to gain weight, accumulates to 2,500 calories per day, accumulates 500 calories per day, and gains one pound a week later.

  2, the weight does not decrease the speed of the increase from one or two foods to supplement 500 calories is not easy.

Therefore, you should try to add a little extra when the food content is the same, such as peanut butter or fruit when eating bread, soup with egg, milk and milk, and Western salad with olive oil or cheese.Broken and so on.

The increase should be based on protein, and the appropriate amount should increase the quality of the uncle.

  However, eating more snacks such as potato chips and sodas can not only provide vitamins and minerals, but also a lot of cockroaches can easily lead to satiety, and there is a chance to ruin and influence the appetite of the dinner.

  3, eat less meals, eat more snacks, too much weight, people with a small appetite, eat a lot of food instead of a meal.

Therefore, fattening people should increase the number of meals to supplement more doses.

In addition to three main meals, eat high-nutrition snacks or drinks in the afternoon, before bedtime, or even before lunch.

People who work feasible, instead of taking time to make nutritious snacks, may choose high-nutrient drinks, such as milk, soy milk, etc., instead of water, tea.

Some biscuits, bread, and a cup of milk or soy milk should be kept in the office. It is already a delicious snack.

  4, drink high-protein drinks milk is rich in nutrients, contains high-quality protein, also provides calcium, phosphorus and vitamins, people who gain weight should drink 2 cups of milk a day.

If you don’t like to drink milk, you can eat cheese or cheese.

There are also some nutritional milk on the market that consumers can choose, but carefully read the food label, pay attention to the weight, and the conversion that each cup can provide.

At the same time, you can make your own high-energy milk, such as adding extra milk powder in the milk, and gradually converting too much.

People with gastrointestinal discomfort may not be able to accept dairy foods, and can be replaced by sugared high-calcium soy milk.

  Snacks and drinks recommended high-nutrition snacks: banana peanut butter sandwich, fruit accounted for peanut butter, milk pudding, syrup water, fresh fruit tofu, fresh fruit cheese high-nutrition drinks: banana milk, chocolate milkshake, calcium soy milk, homemade high energyFresh milk (1 cup + 2 tablespoons skimmed milk powder), nutrient milk 5, drink soup Yilian (soaker residue) eat most Chinese soup water is not high, if not eat (soaker), nutrient quality dissolved.

Drinking soup before meals may cause satiety and affect appetite.

Therefore, it is not advisable to allow excess soup before meals. It is best to drink a bowl after dinner.

People who like to drink soup can also cook (socken slag) and easily eat together, such as glutinous rice, especially high-protein (salt), such as meat, tofu, eggs, etc.

  High-nutrition soup recommended corn tofu, West Lake beef, egg-free treatment of lean broth, free cream soup (with low-fat milk) 6, muscle exercise to increase weight to increase the body’s muscle mass, rather than purely increase the bodyThe embarrassment is the ideal fattening.

Increase muscles rather than sputum, and the body will be more sturdy.

By simply increasing the amount of food without exercising, the body tends to accumulate traces of tissue rather than muscle.

Therefore, when starting the fattening plan, a set of exercise plans should be set up, especially for muscle exercise exercises, such as lifting dumbbells, to effectively increase the body muscle mass.

In addition, exercise can relieve stress and increase appetite, and is most suitable for people who have an appetite due to stress.

  Finally, in a comfortable environment, playing melodious music and eating with friends and family can help improve your appetite.

And put down work and chores this weekend, keep a relaxed and happy mood, and enjoy the food!