[Sichuan snacks]_How to eat_How to eat

[Sichuan snacks]_How to eat_How to eat

Sichuan can be said to be a cultural city of food, because local snacks can be found everywhere in Sichuan. Friends who love spicy food can be said to be very mouth-watering, and Sichuan’s requirements for food are full of flavors and colors.It looks good, and the taste is also very good. Sichuan area has traditional Zhang Fei beef, as well as Songhua egg and steamed white sugar, which are both traditional and delicious.


Langzhong Zhang Fei Beef Zhang Fei Beef is one of the traditional flavors of Sichuan Langzhong beef processing factory. It has good color, flavor and taste. This dried beef has won the Silver Award of Quality Products of Chengdu Industry Association as early as the 1940s.

Because the meat is not hard, moist but not soft, and black inside and red inside, it is called “Zhang Fei Beef”.

Cut through its horizontal grid and gently tear the cut surface, such as silver silk pine needles, chew it carefully, and its flavor is endless.

In 1998, he won the Quality Product Award of the Ministry of Commerce, and the Bronze Award of the First China Food Fair.

Nanchong Songhua Preserved Egg Songhua Preserved Egg is a famous special product of Nanchong.

It is formulated with traditional natural raw materials, contains no lead, no harmful substances, and contains a variety of amino acids and gluten. It is weakly alkaline and nearly neutral.

Nanchong Songhua Preserved Eggs are of exceptional quality.

The egg body is easy to remove from the shell, the protein is transparent, elastic, and the pine flower is obvious. It looks like a cypress bonsai, the egg paste is sobbing, and it is slightly sweet.

At the top, another kind of “colorful pine flower eggs” with obvious red, orange, yellow, green, and blue colors between the egg layers is created, adding new varieties for grand banquets and craft recipes at home and abroad.

In 1982, Nanchong Songhua Egg Eggs won the second place in the food quality evaluation meeting of Chongqing Branch of the Commodity Inspection Bureau of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and the foreign trade system in the upper reaches of Luojiang, and the first place in the Sichuan Food System Quality Evaluation Meeting.

In 1984, the product was sold to the capital and was known as the “Jialing No.1 Preserved Egg”.

At present, the product is exported to Southeast Asia and other major cities across the country.


White sugar steamed buns Baoning white sugar steamed buns were made by pastry chef Ha Gongkui in the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty. The above white noodles are used as raw materials and fermented with yeast instead of alkali. Various forms of ravioli can be put in, such as Shoutao, spire, pigeons,Generally, it is a two-lobed small steamed rice dumpling. This steamed rice dumpling has osmanthus flavor. The white steamed rice dumpling is covered with two small red chapters. It looks beautiful. It has a scent of sweet osmanthus. The texture is soft and chewy.Sticky, cold and crispy, refreshing, return to the basket and steam again. As with fresh scallions, it is best to use food for travel.

When the painter Feng Zikai held an exhibition in Langzhong, he loved to eat steamed oil tea in Langzhong. He wrote poems and praised it: the Jinping mountain stayed in the river, and the steamed oil tea was better.


Chuanbei LiangfenSince the advent of Chuanbei Liangfen in the late Qing Dynasty, it has been known for its unique red and spicy flavor, fresh and refreshing Sichuan flavor style.

At that time, Xie Tianlu, a former Jiangcunba peasant in Nanchong County, set up a tent for selling jelly powder in Zhongdukou. His jelly powder was finely prepared, from milling to seasoning, and the taste was unique. Pedestrians praised Xie jelly powder after tasteGained fame.

After that, the strengths were merged and improved, and the jelly making process was further improved.

He selects fresh white peas and grinds them with a small mill. He is very particular about stirring and stirring the fire. The jelly powder is soft and tender, and the muscles are soft and clear. It is thin and continuous.

Soon, Chen Liangfan became famous in the north of Sichuan, and “North Sichuan Liangfan” would not leave.

To date, some jelly shops in Nanchong, Chengyu, and other places still use “Northern Sichuan Jelly” as their signboard, and their business is booming.

The older generation of proletarian revolutionaries Zhu De and Luo Ruiqing returned to Nanchong to inspect working hours during their lifetime. They had tasted northern Sichuan jelly.