[The practice and recipe of Qiancheng cake]_ making method _ how to make

[The practice and recipe of Qiancheng cake]_ making method _ how to make

I believe that everyone likes to eat lasagna in life, because lasagna is particularly crispy, and many people will find lasagna very easy to dregs when eating lasagna. In fact, we make it at home.In some lasagna, the method is very simple. As long as you master these tips, you can still make lasagna on a snack bar outside. So what is the practice and recipe of lasagna?

The practice of a thousand layer cake: Ingredients: 500 grams of flour, 5 grams of salt, a little pig oil.

Method: 1. Hot water to 80 degrees, live more than half flour, pay attention to the feeling of softness; 2, noodles are slightly cold, live the remaining noodles with cold water; the key must be soft (the most attention should be paid here), wake up for 20 minutes3, spread the panel, spread the noodles to a thickness of 3-4 mm, and brush the pork oil and salt on the noodles in turn; 4. roll up the noodles from one end and rub them into a 4-6 cm diameterRoll over, then start in two directions, opposite direction, roll over, roll to the center, stack up and spread evenly to a thickness of 5-8 mm.

5, put a small amount of oil in the iron pan, heat up, put the cake in the pan, slowly heat, and repeatedly until cooked, you can cook.

Note: This practical experience is very very, so it is very difficult to express it clearly. Just take a look and practice will be successful.

The lasagna must be crispy on the outside, rich in soil and fragrant.

The method of the two-layer cake is as follows: use the dough to add alkali and sugar, then knead into large slices, sprinkle evenly a layer of sweet fillings such as sugar lard, and then fold from both sides, then roll into thin slices, andUse the same method above, and then fold it into several folds. Repeat this process. When it is folded into more than 12 layers, dry it in the drawer and steam it with high heat for 15?
Just 20 minutes.

Cut into pieces when eating, with clear layers, soft and sweet.

1 Draw a line in the white noodles, pour hot water (not boiling water) three times and knead, and pour into cold water three times, knead well, and finally knead the two doughs into a dough 2 Let the dough stand for an hour and wake upGo, take out the dough, roll into a large sheet of pasta 3 and sprinkle two spoons of salad oil on it (not enough in the picture, then add a large spoon), spread well, sprinkle green onions, and sprinkle salt evenly 4 Roll up the pasta, rollMake a thick long, roll the dough into several pieces, one is about the size of a girl’s fist. 5 dough spans the face to the left palm, one to the right palm, and then twists the dough into a stack with the hands in the opposite direction.6 Roll the small ravioli noodles into noodles, not too thick. 7 Pan, heat the pan with cold oil, shake the pan evenly to cover the bottom of the pan, put in the noodles, and place your hands on the noodles and turn it twice.It is evenly stained with oil and conforms to the pancake pancake, also known as “Zongzi Cake”. It is one of the traditional famous foods in Jieshan Township, Dongping, Shandong. In history, the roadside inn in Wucheng Village made the most beautiful flavor.

The outside of this kind of cake is wrapped in a standard skin, and there are dozens of layers inside. The layers are separated into layers. After being cooked, the outside is yellow and crispy. It is crispy and oily.