Zhongyin Communication (833402): The marketing capacity of the whole case has initially formed a net profit increase of 33%

Zhongyin Communication (833402): The marketing capacity of the whole case has initially formed a net profit increase of 33%

Event: The company released its semi-annual report for 2019, which reported an operating income of 25954.

790,000 yuan, an annual increase of 41.

25%, net profit attributable to mother was 1612.

280,000 yuan, an increase of 32 in ten years.


Digital marketing continued to be overweighted, and the overall marketing capability was initially formed.

The company continues to carry out technological innovation and transition and upgrading with data empowerment as its core. The business sector has gradually included strategic and creative integration, integrated marketing services, digital media placement, intelligent monitoring and evaluation, marketing and trade, and other internal marketing entire industry chain products.
Since 2016, the company has increased the layout of the vertical field of the digital marketing industry chain, and has successively released and expanded new high-quality digital marketing services such as the media launch of Zhongyin Media and KOL launch of Zhisheng Advertising, which comprehensively covers strategy and creativity.The digital marketing business, such as video, media distribution, e-commerce marketing, and social marketing, has undergone various transformations, and has formed a full-scale marketing capability.

On this basis, the company has successively invested in Weiyi 武汉夜网论坛 Digital, including a creative culture that focuses on creative design to help companies use new data technology to market, MiFu technology released by intelligent media monitoring, and the horizontal layout of the digital marketing industry chain has been further improved.Can provide customers with one-stop service.

The business structure continued to optimize, and the proportion of digital marketing continued to increase.

At the scale of the report, the company realized operating income and rapid growth in net profit. In fact, through the expansion of the company’s business, the number of signing customers and the amount of money continued to increase, and the revenue from the media publishing business increased rapidly, resulting in the company’s operating income and operating costs increasing.

At the same time 杭州夜网论坛 of high revenue growth, the company’s business composition continued to be optimized, expanding its business from offline businesses to digital marketing services such as WeChat, Weibo, Taobao, Jingdong, Xiaohongshu, Zhihu and other mobile social platforms, improving the marketing structure, increasingThe core competitiveness of the company has gradually increased the proportion of digital marketing business, the proportion of offline event marketing has continued to decline, the media distribution business has maintained steady growth, and the overall growth of the business has achieved expectations.

Continue to increase investment in research and development technology and optimize the staff structure of the product technology department.

The company continued to expand investment in research and development technology, optimize the staff structure of the product technology department, and continuously improve the comprehensive capabilities of technical staff. In this period, the company invested 5.55 million yuan in research and development, an increase of 57%.

The report summarizes that the company ‘s technology department upgraded the KOL resource management system on the basis of the KOL integrated marketing platform, the mother and child headline treasure in the field of mother and baby, which can display nearly 10,000 cooperative KOL resources and quotation information of the company.In the infant, fashion, food, pet and other industries, the company’s customer business department can use the system’s intelligent timetable to make independent inquiries, quickly select numbers, and place orders. Through big data monitoring, it can help customers to select the optimal delivery solution and fully realize product efficiency.
The customer structure has been continuously optimized and won the favor of Fortune 500 companies.

In the reporting company, the company’s customer structure continued to be optimized. While continuing to deepen the mother and baby market, it expanded business cooperation in the areas of catering, fast-moving consumer goods, and smart home, which became a new driving force for the company’s high growth and added the companyWater system, Jiangzhong Pharmaceutical, Xibao milk powder, Pepsi food, Huangyu pet food and other customers.

The top 500 and well-known enterprises at home and abroad provide professional customized marketing services.

In the first half of 2019, the company’s top five customers accounted for 72% of sales revenue.

10%, of which sales revenue to GroupM Group is 36.

8%, sales to Unilever Group accounted for 18%.

74%, customer concentration is high.

Investment suggestion: report the total amount, the company’s overall gross profit margin13.

18%, a decrease from the same period last year.

Net cash flows from operating activities continued to be positive, and the net amount for the period was 982.

510,000 yuan.

The company’s overall market value is 3.

29 trillion, corresponding to PE (ttm) is 11.

1X, it is recommended to pay attention.

Risk warning: high customer concentration, fierce competition in the industry, and economic growth.