[Sexual life several times for forty-year-old couple]_Same room_Couple life

[Sexual life several times for forty-year-old couple]_Same room_Couple life

40-year-old couples have a moderate sex life every week, which is very good for the body. As for the number of times of sexual life, there is no strict standard. The standard for couples of this age to live a sexual life is to do their best and not to overdo it.

At this time, there may be situations where men are relatively tired and women’s sexual desire is relatively strong. In this regard, husband and wife must communicate more to avoid conflicts.

Forty-year-old couple 20-year-old laborer who previously had sex. 13

1 time, 20-year-old laborer 17.

8 times, 30-year-old laborer 8.

2 times, 30-year-old laborer 12.

4 times, forty-year-old laborer 5.

4 times, forty-year-old laborer 9.

2 times, 50-year-old laborer 4 times, 50-year-old laborer 5.

Seven times, the 60-year-old laborer is unknown, and the 60-year-old laborer 3.

7 times.

The frequency of sexual life is related to factors such as “age”, “physical fitness”, “health condition”, “mental state”, “emotion”, “feeling” and “fatigue” of both men and women.

So a 40-year-old man can live well once a month. This depends on your physical condition, whether you have good physical exercise habits, and whether you have bad habits (smoking, drinking, staying up late, etc.) and so on.

Chinese herbal tea for tonifying kidney and impotence: Ingredients: 2-6 grams of Ganoderma lucidum, 7-9 medlars, 1 gram of black tea

Method: Stir the three raw materials in boiling water for about 2–5 minutes, and serve immediately. Put the raw materials only once a day and repeatedly brew until the water is colorless and tasteless.

Efficacy: 7 days of continuous service is a cycle. After 7 days of continuous service, the service is stopped for 7 days, that is, only two cycles of each month can be taken. Generally, one month of continuous use can significantly improve the symptoms of kidney weakness, Increased desire, prolonged time, greatly improved the quality of sexual life, intercourse is sufficient to fully satisfy.

Advantages and Disadvantages: It can’t be immediate, but it is naturally abnormal, and it can continue to improve fundamentally.

Special reminder: In order to achieve better results, it is recommended to use a large block of special ganoderma lucidum Ganoderma lucidum.

Goji berries must be plump.

Black tea can be packed in black tea or tea leaves. As long as it belongs to some black tea, you can forget to drink a cup of process organs after sex. All of these organs participate in this special physiological process.

It can be said that a satisfactory sex life is equivalent to a moderate-intensity physical exercise.

At this time, the body’s energy consumption significantly increases, and the metabolism of tissues and organs is strong. This process consumes a lot of water, so do not sleep immediately after sex. Be sure to drink a cup of Ganoderma Lucidum tea to supplement the body’s water and nutrientsInsufficient, otherwise you will feel tired the next day.

Especially middle-aged and elderly people, the lack of water in the body at night will cause blood concentration to cause certain diseases. Therefore, don’t forget to drink a cup of Lingzhi tea after sex.