[Coffee Mushroom Practice]_ Production Method _ Home Practice

[Coffee Mushroom Practice]_ Production Method _ Home Practice

Many people think that coffee is made of coffee and mushrooms, but the taste will feel very bad. In fact, the true way of coffee mushrooms is to use pepper and mushrooms with round heads, so that the colorFor example, it is made of coffee, so it is also called coffee mushroom. Coffee mushroom helps digestion, promotes weight loss and weight loss, and at the same time helps antioxidant function, which has a good effect on the body.

Grind the black pepper mushrooms with round mushrooms and grind the right amount of pepper. Wash the slices, pour in the oil, sprinkle with the black pepper, and mix and marinate for 20 minutes.

Heat the pan, pour the pickled mushrooms, and stir-fry until the mushrooms are cooked. The victory is simple. The original version was baked in the oven. I was too lazy to open the oven, so I switched to pan-fried / naughty 1 to help digest the coffee.Coffee makers know that coffee stimulates the nerves and muscles to stimulate the spirit, and anti-fatigue is easy. In fact, coffee is in the stomach, it helps digestion, and helps my aunt to help me to make a cup of Nescafe black coffee in the office to help digest lunch.Lose weight in my office. Children related to the note. During the office, Nestle coffee tastes coffee to lose weight. I am afraid that children all know the second. Drinking coffee needs to be active in order to achieve true weight loss!

Note that the coffee is mainly added in the creamer sugar 3, the antioxidant effect is close to the antioxidant function, food is hot and messy, everyone is afraid, huh ~~!

Antioxidant function of coffee Anti-free radical body injury research shows that coffee contains four times more antioxidants than tea can prevent vascular diseases. Coffee itself conforms to the antioxidant principle. The color (dark) has a bitter taste and the antioxidant effect of coffee plus cream.Dry eyes Do research Drink coffee is less likely to suffer from dry eye than coffee Drink coffee type called purine Eye has some protective effect Like I sit in front of the computer to prepare a box Convenient Nescafe coffee Occasionally drink a cup to prevent eye diseaseEye disease and taking any diuretic drugs must not take coffee drinks to avoid exacerbating water loss in the body5, reduce pain, insomnia and pain, every cup of Nescafe coffee does correct, in fact, some pain caused by non-organic factors should be relieved with coffeeCalculate late